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Attendance and Absence Reporting Procedures

Contact Information:
Name: Minka Bakkenta, Attendance Clerk
Telephone: 510-558-4787 (ATTENDANCE REPORTING ONLY)
Student absences can be noted by:
  • Written note or Marin voicemail 510-558-4787 or email [email protected] from parent/guardian before 10 AM on the day of the absence.
  • Conversation, in person or by telephone, between the school office and the student's parent/guardian.
The parent or guardian should give the following information:
  • First and Last Name of student
  • Name of parent/guardian making attendance call
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence
Parents have a maximum of 5 days to excuse an absence
If a student has been absent for 10 days due to medical/illness, we are required to ask for a doctor's note to excuse any medical/illnesses after the 10th day. Any medical/illnesses already excused by a doctor in the first 10 days of absences are not counted toward this requirement.
Excused vs. Unexcused
California Education Code Section 48205 is explicit in differentiating between what is an excused absence and what is an unexcused absence.
Student can complete all assignments and tests missed during the absence, receiving full credit for completed work.
  • Bereavement → Attending the funeral services of a member of the immediate family (1 day for California service, 3 days for out of state)
  • Completed Independent Study → Must be for a minimum of 5 school days and must be arranged at least 10 school days in advance.
  • Legal → Required appearance in court
  • Illness or medical appointment. Dr. note required after 10th day.
  • Religious holiday or ceremony
Student may be able to complete all assignments and test missed during the absence, receiving full credit for completed work.
  • Vacation/Trips → This includes vacations, retreats, family reunions, and trips planned far in advance.
  • Unverified → Any absence that is not called in within 5 days is marked as unverified, even if the student is out for an excusable reason.
  • Incomplete Independent Study → If independent study work is not complete, the absence is not excused.
  • Suspensions